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It's easy to get inspiration from anything, but it's not as easy to formulate a coherent idea from many ideas. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start, and when you don't know where to start, it is hard to feel motivated. I've listed some ideas that I've compiled below that take on various forms of advocacy and that are differently sized projects. Just like with anything, these are ideas to draw inspiration from, so make sure to make it your own!


Partner with a local restaurant to have a 'dining for dollars' night where a certain amount of the night's profits goes towards your cause

Can grow community connection and support

Make a fundraising challenge where whoever collects the most money for your cause can win a special prize!

Organize a raffle/auction where local businesses can contribute some of their products to be prizes, and the price for a ticket/item can be a part of your proceeds

A great way to help a local business and your cause

Brings awareness to your cause and small businesses

Builds friendships, brings fun, and a little competition!

Adds competition and an incentive to raise more money

Allows fundraising to be very accessible and easy to share

Speak at a public event in your area to tell others about your topic, and give ideas on what they can do to help


Host a documentary movie night with a club you're in or with your friends, and hold a discussion about the topic after the film

Practice public speaking and gaining confidence

Engage with your community and become involved

You get to enjoy a new movie and be with friends!

Learn from a new perspective and from moments in history

Create an infographic on a certain issue you're passionate about, and pass it out to others around your school or community (or digitally!)

Use your creativity in visuals and research skills in statistics

Canva, Adobe Spark, Piktochart, etc. have good and easy templates

Become involved in particular groups/organizations

Be a part of something regionally/state-wide/nationally/globally

Meet new people and collaborate!

Attend an event like World Youth Day, Afterschool Advocacy Day, or a march held in your area

Go to a meeting for a club that centers around your passions/issues you care about at your school


Join a Facebook group/Discord chat/Instagram page to talk to people in your area, and look up upcoming events 

Learn about current events taking place in your community

Create friendships with people around you that have similar interests

Learn more about the particular topic and engage in activities 

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