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Organizations always need team members in order to effectively lead and succeed. Consider maybe joining an organization related to a cause that you are passionate about, or one that takes action in your community. Not only will you get to help work towards a solution for your topic, but you'll also be able to make great connections and practice team work.


When trying to find organizations that you may be interested in contributing to, first you need to identify your passions. How do your passions align with the goals of the organization? Once you've identified your passions, connect them to particular causes or current events. How does this organization impact this cause, and how can I contribute my passions to them? By figuring out what causes/passions mean the most to you, it is easier to find specific organizations that involve those things.



- what are your passions?
- how do your passions align with the goals of the organization?
- what causes/issues do I care about?
- how does this organization impact tis cause?
- how can I contribute my passions to this cause?



- [your passion] in advocacy
- organizations about [your cause/issue]
- [your passion] around [your cause/issue]


The organizations you choose to get involved in can either be local, regional, national, or even international. You can contact these organizations about your interest in participating in their cause, and you can ask them what membership opportunities are available. The websites of many organizations will most likely have a 'contact us' page/tab, and there you can write them an email, give them a call, or write a letter. In addition, you can follow them on their social media accounts to stay informed on their work and upcoming opportunities.



- what organizations do you want to reach out to?
- what do you want to say about yourself to them or ask?
- what forms of contact work best for you?
- do you want to contribute on a local, regional, nation, or international level?



- the organization's 'contact us' tab
- the organization's social medias
- upcoming opportunities to get involved


A good way to become more civically engaged is through volunteering. Through volunteering, you can pick up some new skills, meet new people, and become involved in other volunteering opportunities. When you contact an organization, you can ask them about what potential volunteering opportunities they offer, and you can also check their social medias to see if they post about them. Some volunteer opportunities you can take on could be being an ambassador, working on a specific project, or working in their operations.



- what types of volunteer opportunities are you interested in?
- how can incorporate your passions into your contributions?
- in what areas are you most skilled in, and in which areas do you need to work on?



- volunteer opportunities for [the organization]
- upcoming opportunities to get involved
- [your passion] in volunteering

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