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In advocacy, there are so many different forms you can take on that it's good to know a little bit about each of them. It is also very important before you begin your action plan to keep in mind the safety of yourself and others. Before you begin, make sure to review your rights by looking up "[your state's] laws" or "[your state's] statutes".


The purpose of writing a petition is to show that you have a mass of people that are very passionate about the certain issue. You will create a statement based on your values that can be widely spread and understood. One of the most important things when writing  petition is specificity because you have to identify a specific amount of people who want to work towards the solution that has been offered. 

You can either propose a petition with a paper and pen, or digitally. Personally, I think digitally is more efficient because your petition can reach audiences quicker, and it is super easy to share. 

Here are some websites where you can create online petitions:
- thepetitionsite 
- gopetition 





Organizing a protest or march is a huge workload, but if it is the most effective option for your initiative, then it is worth it. However, if you don't want to take that route, you can always attend another demonstration! You can find other protests/marches going on in your area by looking up the following through the internet:
- "[your city's] protest calendar"
- Searching events through local activist groups, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
- US Protests Live Map

Before you attend a protest or march, PLEASE BRIEF YOURSELF ON YOUR RIGHTS. This can be done through looking up the rights that pertain to you in your community/state, or by using the ACLU's Know Your Rights Page. Also, use common sense, and look up on what protective preparations you need to take beforehand by searching "how to stay safe while attending protests" online.

When you think about raising money, you probably think about having weekend lemonade stands or bake sales. That is raising money, but it doesn't have to be as complicated as that. With the ease of the internet, many online fundraising domains have been created where you can create your own fundraiser, or you can contribute to others. Some of these are:
- gofundme
- globalgiving
- fundly


It is very easy to share links to donation pages now and days, and it is very possibl that you've clicked on one yourself. If you find a cause or topic that you're really passionate about, consider donating to it! Just make sure that the proceeds are going to a legitimate cause/organization!

If you want sustainable change to happen, you have to connect with your elected officials. Start out by searching up who your local/state elected officials are, and on their websites, there should be a 'contact me' tab. There, you can contact them about a specific issue they can address, or about an issue that they are currently working on. It is important for you to introduce yourself first and explain your role in your community to display how this issue impacts you, and to make the email more personalized. It may take a while for the elected official to respond, or they may not respond at all, but at least you are working towards getting the word out.

A more direct way you can connect with an elected official is by setting up a time to meet with them, or connecting with them at an event (which is discussed further in the 'Events' tab). That way, they are able to put a name to a face, and you have the benefit of having a real conversation.

Like the saying goes, there is no 'I' in team. It's important to keep your team members informed of different tasks, goals, and overall announcements in order to become more connected and concentrated on a singular focus. One of the best ways to collaborate is through having a reliable and easy way to communicate. I have some different programs listed to the left that either I've used/I've heard of that are very user friendly and coherent. 

When contacting team members, make sure to address them as equals, and make sure to be open/transparent with them about the work that has been done and needs to be done. Without a team, it would be incredibly difficult to achieve your goal.

By reviewing different advocacy protocol, you educate yourself on the many forms of activism, and prepare yourself for the goal you set out to achieve. Preparation is just as important as taking action because without careful preparation, you can set yourself up for unseen challenges. 

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