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Whenever I read a book, I immediately get transported into the world the author has created. I am often very inspired by stories of determination, persistence, and passion, and this is especially the case with works of advocacy. Whether you prefer fiction or non-fiction, long essays or short stories, literature shows us something new filled with anticipation.

Youth to Power by Jamie Margolin

This book is basically an Activism 101 guide. With tips, tricks, and interviews with pivotal youth activists, the author is able to inspire young people to be bold and change the world!

We Are Power by Todd Hasak-Lowy

The Power of Protest by Brenda Griffing

Into the Streets by Marke Bieschke

Our Stories, Our Voices [edited by Amy Reed]

Be a Changemaker by Laurie Ann Thompson

You Are Mighty by Caroline Paul

How I Resist [edited by Maureen Johnson]

Channel Kindness by Lady Gaga

LOVE IS POWERFUL BY Heather Dean Brewer

By highlighting individuals who have used nonviolent activism to make change, this book makes the reader investigate the effectiveness of different forms of advocacy and why they work.

With the inclusion of images of moving demonstrations, this book includes photographs taken at protests that have left a mark on our society, and ones that are taking action now.

On this visual journey of remarkable protests throughout time, this book dives into the creativity of activists and the personality behind the leader.

Through this collection of essays by 21 young adult authors, the writers touch on a variety of issues like gender inequality, race, and religion, plus how they stay empowered and resilient against injustice.

In this picture book, a little girl, Mari, carries an inspiring message throughout her town, and her community encourages and supports her. This is an empowering book for the youngest of activists and the next generation!

This guide shares stories of young advocates and their journey into beginning their own advocacy initiatives, as well as other helpful information on advocacy and "how to start something that matters".

From the author of Gutsy Girl, this book guides you through being fiercely engaged in advocacy, and inspiration by sharing confidence and advocacy ideas.

By sharing experiences, songs, stories, poems, art pieces, etc., by your favorite celebrities/activists, this book provides hope and optimism for youth who are looking to get involved in advocacy.

In this collection of inspirational stories by youth changemakers (compiled by the Born This Way Foundation), young people can appreciate the power of kindness and community.

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