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How to get involved, connecting to local organizations, Public events, Knowing your rights, Protocol for action, getting to know your local representatives, and allowing you to find your way in your advocacy journey.

If you're looking for more information not included in the guidebook, your place is here. On the Resources page, you can learn, research, and discover more about advocacy, and the way you want to become engaged.
Book Pages


Learn about some rules and tips around protesting, demonstrations, and marches through informative infographics.
Book Pages
Networking Event


Discover how to participate in local events happening near you, and how to make the most out of the connections.
In a Meeting


Find out about the variety of organizations in your area, and begin to connect with them through volunteering, donating, or just reaching out.
In a Meeting
Writing a Sticky Note


Choose and use different templates to practice writing letters, making phone calls, or meeting with local representatives/groups you want to aim your attention towards. 
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